DT Group of Companies appoints executives to launch xCash reward point application for every lifestyle: the more you spend the more you get

6 December 2018, Bangkok – Mr Raj Tanta-Nanta, Group President of DT Group of Companies, an organization dedicated to 'Business for Social' to raise quality of life for all, has appointed Mr Vithit Arparpardh as President and Mr Nonti Suptasavee as Senior Vice President of Digitalife Corporation Limited (DLC), which will provide an international digital platform to enhance lifestyles and benefit consumers, business partners, and wider society through e-loyalty, e-commerce, and e-donation platforms. DLC will also launch “xCash”, a reward point application for every lifestyle, offering privileges on every purchase, so that the more you spend the more you get.

Mr Vithit Arparpardh brings expertise in supplying products across many fields, including communications and technology, premiums and brand development, construction materials and residential furnishing, and well-being. He has been dedicated to this field for over 20 years at Dees Supreme Company Limited and is strongly committed to developing and delivering a digital platform for sustainable consumer lifestyles.

Mr Nonti Suptasavee holds a master’s degree from the University of Nottingham (UK) in multimedia information technology and a bachelor’s degree from Chulalongkorn University in engineering. With over a decade of experience in telecommunications, he has worked in development and marketing related to the Internet of Thing (IoT), 4G/3G, Wi-Fi, non-voice multimedia, digital content, mobile applications, digital portals. He also brings experience in finance and banking across many fields such as electronic channels, mobile financial services, mobile/internet banking, payment gateways, mobile credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid virtual cards.

Mr Raj Tanta-Nanta, Group President of DT Group of Companies, said the group has a mission of developing international digital platforms and services. “We are delighted and welcome the two executives to join forces to develop and push the digital platform to create value and enhance lifestyles for consumers, business partners, and society as a whole.

DT Group of Companies is convinced that the leadership of these executives will drive the business to delight customers and partners and achieve its goals.”